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Wire production in Russia and other CIS countries
ArticleName The module of 4-fold twisting for increase of productivity of rope machines
ArticleAuthor A. V. Vedeneev, V. V. Ezhov, A. I. Kuzmenko

Byelorussian Metallurgical Company — Managing Company of the Holding “Byelorussian Metallurgical Works” (Belarus, Zhlobin):

Vedeneev A. V., Cand. Eng., Leading Technologist, Wire Production Lab., Research Center
Ezhov V. V., Designing Eng., Wire Production Lab., Research Center
Kuzmenko A. I., Designing Eng., Wire Production Bureau, Dept. of Designing and Reconstruction

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The paper continues the analysis of development of high-productive rope equipment of new generation. It considers features of operation of 4-fold spooling machines with external feeding spools and tandem-type machines using additional 4-fold spooling module for a core during one technological operation with metal cord fabrication. Examples of several compact 4-fold spooling machines developed at Byelorussian Metallurgical Works in Zhlobin are presented. Among others, construction of the spooling machine based on the principle of multiple twisting has been realized for increase of productivity of a core spooling module. Increase of folding amount of spooling during fabrication of 3×0,20 core in one technological step with fabrication of 3×0,20+6×0,35 НТ metal cord with cross spooling makes it possible to rise productivity of a spooling machine by 3 times. In its turn, it leads to reduction of cost of rope products. Technical characteristics of 2x0,30 HT metal cord and technological possibilities of its fabrication using spooling machines with double twisting and 4-fold spooling are compared; it is concluded that there is not any difference in metal cord properties and its behavior for different spooling methods. It testifies that wire deformation values at 4-fold spooling machines are on the same level as those for double twisting machines, in spite of rise of productivity of spooling process.

keywords Spooling machines, wire, metal cord, twisting, deformation, productivity, ropes, core spooling module, folding amount

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