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ArticleName Peculiarity of forming Transparent Conducting films on basis of Oxides Indium−Tin for contacts on GaN−Based Light Emitting Diodes
ArticleAuthor K. D. Vanyukhin, R.V. Zakharchenko, N. I. Kargin, L. A. Seidman

National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»:

K. D. Vanyukhin

R. V. Zakharchenko

N. I. Kargin
L. A. Seidman


ITO thin films were prepared by electron beam deposition method over a range of processing conditions. The target material used in this study was an ITO pellet with a composition: In2O3 90 wt% and SnO2 10 wt%. The evaporation conditions were: a vacuum of 5 ⋅ 10−4 or 4 ⋅ 10−2 Pa and the rate of evaporation were controlled
within the range 0.075–0.4 nm/s. The thickness of thin film was controlled by using a quartz crystal thickness monitor, resulting in films having 200 nm. After the deposition, the samples were annealed in a thermal annealing furnace in air or nitrogen at 300−700 оC for 30 s. Experiments aimed at choosing the optimal atmosphere for annealing the films yielded the different results. Indium tin oxide coatings properties were researching as a function of the deposition atmosphere and conditions of a thermal annealing. The ITO films deposited and annealed under the optimized conditions work well as the transparent conducting electrode in the light emitting diodes based on GaN.

keywords ITO, indium tin oxide coatings, GaN, electron beam deposition method, thermal annealing, transparent conducting electrode, light emitting diodes

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