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ArticleName Research of Morphology and Structure of 3C−SiC Thin Films on Silicon by Electron Microscopy and X−Ray Diffractometry
ArticleAuthor A. S. Gusev, S. M. Ryndya, A. V. Zenkevich, N. I. Kargin, D. V. Averyanov, M. M. Grekhov

National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»:

A. S. Gusev

A. V. Zenkevich

N. I. Kargin
D. V. Averyanov

M. M. Grekhov


Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry:

S. M. Ryndya


Silicon carbide thin epilayers were grown on Si substrates by pulsed laser ablation of ceramic target. The influence of wafer temperature on morphological and structural properties of SiC layers was investigated by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and X−ray diffractometry.

keywords Thin film, silicon carbide, pulsed laser deposition, epitaxial films, surface morphology

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