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ArticleName The Moving Sensor on Surface Acoustic Waves
ArticleAuthor L. S. Lunin, G. Ya. Karapetyan, V. G. Dneprovski, V. F. Kataev

Southern scientific center of RAS:

L. S. Lunin

G. Ya. Karapetyan

V. G. Dneprovski

V. F. Kataev


The moving sensor on surface acoustic waves (SAW) in which moving are measured on a delay of the signal reflected from the platen, moving along a surface of SAW propagation is developed and made. Such sensor can work in a mode of reflection of an interrogating electromagnetic signal, i.e. to be passive and wireless. The maximum measured moving to such gage equally 14 mm with accuracy ±0,1mm.

keywords Sensor, surface acoustic waves, wireless remote control

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