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Control and Measuring Devices
ArticleName Up-to-date measuring devices for control of power efficiency
ArticleAuthor T. Ruta, J. Hundrieser.

Endress + Hauser Messtechnik GmbH + Co. KG (Weil am Rhein. Germany):

Ruta T., Marketing Manager, Power Engineering,

Hundrieser J., Intern. Branch Manager, Metall


Different kinds of energy carriers are used in the iron and steel industry. At the same time, structure of production and power engineering units was improved permanently. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to estimate expenses for different energy carriers. We need to get general understanding about power consumption for production of steam, compressed air, cold media and technological gases in order to have possibility for optimal cutting of expenses. Features of usage and consumption of argon, oxygen and nitrogen in iron and steel industry are analyzed. It is shown that bottom blowing by argon or nitrogen with control of weighing consumption and pressure can be practically efficient for saving expenses at metallurgical works. Precision measurement of weighing consumption is provided by devices operating based on Coriolis principle in combination with pressure sensors. It is displayed that complete check of technological chain from sensor to exit signal can be checked directly in the pipeline using Feedcheck tool. ARD (Application Reference Data) function makes it possible to determine typical problems, such as scale forming, corrosion or abrasive wear). Technical requirements to the system of cooling water circulation are discussed and leaka ge control system is explained. Consumption of technological remedies is presented and it is concluded that trustworthy data should be based on reliable measuring results. Different aspects of measuring data collection and the ways of quick checking of their reliability are substantiated.

keywords Power engineering, measuring devices, energy carriers, expenses, sensors, measurements, bottom blowing

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