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ArticleName Economical production with electrolytic tinning lines with soluble anodes
ArticleAuthor W. Haupt, J. Kuhlmann, C. Sasse.

SMS Siemag AG (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Haupt W., General Manager, Technical Sales

Kuhlmann J., General Manager, Process Technology

Sasse M. A. C., Technical Marketing Manager


E-mail (common):


Shougang Jingtang has ordered two electrolytic tinning lines (manufactured by SMS Siemag company) with soluble anodes for the economical and environment-friendly production of altogether 475 500 t of high-quality tinplate. Apart from sophisticated mechanical equipment, the lines are distinguished by a highly developed process section which itself contains a large number of innovative equipment items. The main properties and application area of white tinplate — electrolytically tinned thin strip are observed, as well as the principle of electrolytic tinning and advantages of soluble anodes used in this process for tin saving. It is mentioned that the condition of anodes id continuously displayed by an anode monitoring system. It is shown that the strip is provided with a tin layer in a total of nine vertical coating cells. Additionally, both tinning lines and annealing line of Shougang Jintang company are described. The processes of preliminary electrolytic cleaning with rinsing, electrolytic pickling (with vertical tank), preliminary preparation in a chamber, tinning (with anode banks in a vertical cell), control and replacement of tin anodes, cascade rinsing (with squeezer rolls that can be changed during production) with evaporator, processing in flux bath and in Reflow smelting unit, passivation are described in details. Diagrammatic representation of electrolytic tinning in a vertical cell is shown. In general, the units correspond to the new level of equipment development and are based on innovative technical solutions, meeting new requirements in the field of product quality, efficiency and environmental acceptability of electrolytic tinning lines.

keywords Electrolytic tinning, annealing, rinsing, clearing, strip, soluble anodes, tinplate, passivation, vertical cells
Language of full-text russian
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