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This special issue about the Hermitage is devoted to the Ural mountains: the unique geological, mining, production and historical region.


The Ural Mountains are the Russian treasury, where the precious stones, gem stones, gold and platinum became the works of art.


The authors tell about the usage of the Urals stone in interior, indoor cast iron sculpture, etc. The new subjects, such as technology of making of ancient metal products, platinum medals and stove vases are also considered. The travel notes of Gregor von Helmersen are shown together with the material about the unique iron products “Stary Sobol” and about the folk Urals costume. The archive articles show the chronicles of the war ages and the history of the Hermitage subsidiary in Ekaterinburg.


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ArticleName The treasures of «Stone belt» in the Hermitage
ArticleAuthor Mavrodina N. M.
ArticleName The obelisks with the arms of Russian provinces
ArticleAuthor Mavrodina N. M.
ArticleName Urals cameos
ArticleAuthor Kagan Yu. O.
ArticleName Stone in Faberge’s creation
ArticleAuthor Lopato M. N.
ArticleName Ancient Urals casts
ArticleAuthor Minasyan R. S.
ArticleName The monuments of founding and the metal sculptures from Demidov’s collection
ArticleAuthor Neverov O. Ya.
ArticleName The ornamental press by master Zvezdin
ArticleAuthor Sychov I. O.
ArticleName The reinforced natural magnets
ArticleAuthor Yastrebinsky G. B.
ArticleName Ye. G. Kuznetsov-Zhepinsky and his «mechanical droshky»
ArticleAuthor Yastrebinsky G. B.
ArticleName Urals platinum in Russian medals
ArticleAuthor Shchukina Ye. S.
ArticleName Nizhny Tagil’s salvers from the Hermitage collection
ArticleAuthor Kosareva M. N.
ArticleName Urals artistic iron castings
ArticleAuthor Kosareva M. N.
ArticleName Urals iron and building constructions of the industrial revolution epoch, installed in the Hermitage
ArticleAuthor Matsenkov S. A.
ArticleName Urals tour of Alexander I
ArticleAuthor Faibisovich V. M.
ArticleName Upon the founding of «Gorny Journal» («Mining Journal») by Alexander I
ArticleAuthors Vorobiyov A. G., Beloglazov I. N.
ArticleName «The atlas of Zlatoust small arms factory. 1827» performed by Basil and Ivan Boyarshinovy
ArticleAuthor Gogulina I. B.
ArticleName Urals mountains in Gelmersen’s drawings
ArticleAuthor Printseva G. A.
ArticleName Three photoalbums from the collection of the State Hermitage scientific library
ArticleAuthor Roshchina Yu. A.
ArticleName Saint pious Simeon Verkhotursky
ArticleAuthor Pobedinskaya A. G.
ArticleName The chest of drawers with the monogram of Catherine the Great
ArticleAuthor Guseva N. Yu.
ArticleName Festive costumes of Urals Cossack women
ArticleAuthor Moiseenko Ye. Yu.
ArticleName The Hermitage Branch in Sverdlovsk during the Great Patriotic war (according to the matrials of the Hermitage Archives)
* * *
ArticleName SUAL: 10 years and the whole history of the branch
Journals →  Museums →  2007 →  #1 Special issue