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Non-ferrous Metals

ArticleName The Ural State Technical University – the Ural Polytechnic Institute (UGTU–UPI) is the Higher School for Nonferrous Metallurgy of the Ural
ArticleAuthor S. S. Naboichenko
ArticleName Reducing Electrosmelting of Cobalt Oxide in Direct-Current Furnace
ArticleAuthors V. A. Kniss, P. V. Kazakov, V. P. Zhukov, C. S. Naboichenko
ArticleName Technological Opportunities of Smelting Processes in OpenFlame Furnaces Equipped with Vertical Jets
ArticleAuthors В. P. Zhukov, N. G. Ageev, A. P. Doroshkevich, E. V. Toropov
ArticleName ExperimentalIndustrial Tests of Zinc-Sulfate Solution Electrocementing Treatment Technology
ArticleAuthors S. V. Karelov, S. V. Mamyachenkov, O. S. Anisimova, V. V. Khilai , A. S. Kirpikov
ArticleName About the Opportunity to Calculate the Structural Characteristics of Copper Powder When Electrolysis Conditions Change
ArticleAuthors I. B. Murashova, O. V. Tribunsky, A. B. Lebed’, A. P. Shpoltakov, A. M. Saveliev
ArticleName Equilibrium and Kinetics of Copper Sorption from Sludges on Complexing Ampholyte
ArticleAuthors V. N. Rychkov, M. L. Cherny, E. V. Kirillov, S. V. Kirillov
ArticleName Optimization of Beryllium Electrolytic Refining Process
ArticleAuthor O. I. Rebrin
ArticleName Methods of Making and Implementation of Novel Composite Materials in Non-Ferrous Metals Production
ArticleAuthors A. R. Beketov, D. A. Beketov, Yu. P. Zaikov, Yu. D. Afonin, A. Yu. Chuikin
ArticleName Physical-Mechanical Properties of LeadBased Alloys
ArticleAuthors Yu. P. Zaikov, V. F. Lazarev, A. D. Dayanov, A. I. Goncharov,. A. V. Shak
ArticleName The Prospects of Application of Chromium and Chromium-Zirconium Bronzes
ArticleAuthors R. K. Mysik, Yu. N. Loginov, S. V. Brusnitsyn, I. E. Furman
ArticleName Structure Formation and Properties of High-Tensile Titanium Alloy during Isothermal Treatment and Subsequent Age-Hardening
ArticleAuthors A. A. Popov, A. G. Illarionov, N. I. Moder, N. V. Savateeva, S. M. Illarionova, S. A. Shipulina
ArticleName Recovery of Waste from Aluminum-Lithium Production in Aluminum Electrolyzers
ArticleAuthors V. I. Salnikov, V. A. Lebedev
Journals →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2004 →  #2