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Materialy Elektronnoi Tekhniki

ArticleName Wide Band Semiconductor Compounds for X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Detectors
ArticleAuthors V.M. Zaletin, V.P. Varvaritsa
ArticleAuthorsData V.M. Zaletin, e-mail:, Dubna International University of Nature, Society and Humans, V.P. Varvaritsa, e-mail:, OOO Analitnauchcentr
Materials science and technology. Semiconductors
ArticleName Comparative Analysis of Electrophysical Parameters of Silicon Single Crystals Subjected to Long–term Storage at 300 K
ArticleAuthors S. V. Bytkin, T. V. Kritskaya
ArticleAuthorsData S. V. Bytkin, e-mail:, T. V. Kritskaya, e-mail:, (Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy, Doctor of Engineering Science)
ArticleName Czochralsky Growth of Profile Silicon Single Crystal
ArticleAuthors S. N. Chigir, T. T. Kondratenko, I. V. Silaev, L. V. Kozhitov, A. P. Bliev, N. I. Kazimirov, S. L. Sorokin
ArticleAuthorsData S. N. Chigir, National Research University «MISiS»; T. T. Kondratenko, L. V. Kozhitov, (North–Ossetian National University Hetagurov name, Vladikavkaz); I. V. Silaev, e-mail:, A. P. Bliev, e-mail:, (Institute for Problems of Mechanics); N. I. Kazimirov, S. L. Sorokin, (OAO «Podolsk chemistry–metallurgical manufactory»).
Materials science and technology. Dielectrics
ArticleName Effect of Growth Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Lanthanum – Gallium Tantalate crystals
ArticleAuthors M. V. Weintraub, N. S. Kozlova, M. I. Petrzhik
ArticleAuthorsData M. V. Weintraub, e-mail:, N. S. Kozlova,, M. I. Petrzhik (National Research University «MISiS»).
ArticleName Study of Photorefractive Properties of LiNbO3 : Gd3+ Crystals by Photorefractive and Combinational Light Scattering
ArticleAuthors N. V. Sidorov, A. V. Syuy, E. A. Antonycheva, A. Y. Gaponov, D. V. Evstratova, M. N. Palatnikov
ArticleAuthorsData N. V. Sidorov, e-mail:, D. V. Evstratova, (Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Minerals); A. V. Syuy, e-mail:, E. A. Antonycheva, e-mail:, A. Y. Gaponov, M. N. Palatnikov, e-mail:, (Far Eastern State Transport University)
ArticleName Study of the Electrical Properties of CeO2—MxOy (М = Dy, Gd, Y, Yb) and CeO2 —CoO (MgO, ZrO2)
ArticleAuthors V. N. Tsygankov, V. V. Safronov
ArticleAuthorsData V. N. Tsygankov and V. V. Safronov, (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology)
Epitaxial layers and multilayered compositions
ArticleName Study of Nuclear Rasiation Detectors Spectra on VPE–GaAs
ArticleAuthors G. I. Koltsov, S. I. Didenko, A. V. Chernykh, S. V. Chernykh, A. V. Sidelev
ArticleAuthorsData G. I. Koltsov, e-mail:, S. I. Didenko, e-mail:, A. V. Chernykh, S. V. Chernykh, e-mail:, A. V. Sidelev, (National Research University «MISiS»)
ArticleName Pb1-xSnxTe Epitaxial Layers for Terahertz Radiation Detectors
ArticleAuthors A. I. Belogorokhov, A. A. Konovalov and Yu.N. Parkhomenko
ArticleAuthorsData A. I. Belogorokhov, A. A. Konovalov and Yu.N. Parkhomenko, (OAO Giredmet)
ArticleName Nature of High Photosensitivity of a–Si : H Layered Films
ArticleAuthor I. A. Kurova and N. N. Ormont
ArticleAuthorData I. A. Kurova and N. N. Ormont, e-mail:, (Moscow State University)
ArticleName Study of Electrical Properties of (SiC)1–х(AlN)x/SiC Anizotropic Heterostructures
ArticleAuthors B. A. Bilalov, M. K. Kurbanov, A. A. Gadzhiev, Sh. M. Ramazanov
ArticleAuthorsData B. A. Bilalov, A. A. Gadzhiev, (Dagestan State Technical University); M. K. Kurbanov and Sh. M. Ramazanov, (Dagestan State University).
Nanomaterials and nanotechnology
ArticleName Effect of 2D Island Edge Permeability on the 2D to 3D Growth Transition
ArticleAuthors S. N. Filimonov, Yu. Yu. Hervieu
ArticleAuthorsData S.N. Filimonov, e-mail:, Yu. Yu. Hervieu, e-mail:, (Tomsk State University).
Atomic structures and methods of structural investigations
ArticleName Mechanism of Microdefect Formation in GaP Single Crystals
ArticleAuthors V. T. Bublik, M. I. Voronova, N. Yu. Tabachkova, K. D. Shcherbachev
ArticleAuthorsData V. T. Bublik, M. I. Voronova, N. Yu. Tabachkova and K.D. Shcherbachev, (National Research University «MISiS»)
Physical characteristics and their study
ArticleName Thermoelectric Properties of Er1-xAxCoO3-δ and Ho1-xAxCoO3-δ (A = Ca, Sr) Ceramics
ArticleAuthors A. A. Kozlovskii, V. F. Khirnyi, T. G. Deineka, A. V. Semenov, V. M. Puzikov
ArticleAuthorsData A. A. Kozlovskii, V. F. Khirnyi, e-mail:, T. G. Deineka, A. V. Semenov, and V. M. Puzikov, (Scientific and Technical Complex «Institute for Single Crystals», NAS of Ukraine)
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