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Chernye Metally

ArticleName Steel industry of the world
Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries
ArticleName An interview with Prof. Valery Kolokol'tsev, the rector of Magnitogorsk State Technical University
ArticleName Influence of preliminary heat treatment on structure and properties of 20 and 45 carbon structural steels nano-structurized via the method of uni-channeled angular extrusion
ArticleAuthors N. Koptseva, Yu. Efimova, M. Chukin, M. Polyakova
ArticleName Analysis of standard requirements for steel cold-rolled band
ArticleAuthors M. Polyakova, V. Telegin, E. Golubchik
ArticleName Rise of efficiency of production of high-strength stabilized reinforced bars for railway sleepers
ArticleAuthor V. Lebedev
ArticleName Relation between modification and graphitization processes in cast iron
ArticleAuthors V. Korovin, I. Leushin
Research and design works
ArticleName Innovative force of iron and steel industry
ArticleAuthor H. W. Reichenbacher
ArticleName Process design for the efficient machining of high-performance steels
ArticleAuthors D. Biermann, F. Felderhoff
ArticleName Effects of adiabatic cutting in comparison to the conventional shear cutting process
ArticleAuthors R. Neugebauer, V. Krusel, P. Weigel
Control, organization and production management
ArticleName Quality management in the steel industry
ArticleAuthors G. Moninger, H.B. Lüngen
ArticleName Improved control of cold water consumption at metallurgical works
ArticleAuthor R. Kuchenmeister
Power engineering and environment protection
ArticleName New record in tinplate utilization
Steel as a material
ArticleName “Tool steels are used in all industrial branches manufacturing structural components” (an interview with C.-D. Wuppermann)
ArticleName Tool steel: hardly visible leader of the chain for creation of added value
ArticleAuthor S. Kämpfer
ArticleName Tough as steel and hard as ceramics
Economics and finances
ArticleName Chances and prospects
ArticleAuthor H. Ju. Kerkhoff
ArticleName Partnership instead of temporary coalition
ArticleAuthors H. Göbl, K. Urschel
ArticleName Steel industry is getting out of the precipice
ArticleName Hard times for automotive industry suppliers
ArticleName Railway cars for iron and steel industry
ArticleName Fidelity to principles is conserving during the crisis
ArticleAuthor Ch. Dänzer-Vanotti
ArticleName Advantages of human resources
ArticleAuthor R. Strak
ArticleName Steel production in the world
ArticleName Scientific and technical news abroad
Metallurgical history
ArticleName 125th anniversary of screw rolling process
ArticleName Thomas-process in Europe
ArticleAuthor M. Rasch
ArticleName The mystery of Katav-Ivanovskaya steel
ArticleAuthor Yu. Gurevich
Journals →  Chernye Metally →  2010 →  #7