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The conventional section "Development of metallurgy in Russia and CIS countries" is presented bythe article by O. A. Timokhin from“METTEKh” LLC. The article describes dependences required for calculation of thermomechanical stresses in a roller of continuous casting machine (ССM) as a hollow cylinder subjected to durable heating.

The same section includes the paper by A. A. Kazakov, O. V. Pakhomova and E. I. Kazakova from St. Petersburg State Technical University, the 2nd part of the article published here in December 2012. It presents study of evolution of cast structure of ferrite-pearlite steel during its thermomechanical processing. Imitation of controlled rolling of specimens cut from different structural areas of industrial continuously cast slab has been conducted using "Gleeble 3800" multi-functional research complex.

Also the 2nd part of the article "Dendritic micro-heterogeneity of cast steel: review of the problems and their computer-aided analysis" by V. M. Golod, K. I. Emelyanov, I. G. Orlova is published (the 1st part was in the previous issue).

On July 23rd, NLMK-Kaluga mini-mill of new generation has been put into practice in Vorsino industrial park after five years of construction and mounting. This event id observed in the report on the page 33.


The article "Vacuum pump systems for secondary metallurgical processes" by F. Dorstewitz, D. Tembergen describes the general technical requirements placed on vacuum pumps for secondary metallurgical plants. Typical pressure reduction in a VD facility for degassing and typical pressure reduction for a steel grade to be decarburized in RH facilities are compared. Gas quantities arising for selected standard metallurgical operation (VD, VOD. RH, RH-O) and intake capacities of the steam injection vacuum pump and mechanical vacuum pumps at a pressure of 0.67 mbar are analyzed, including conversion factors for individual gases.

The next paper is presented to the 32nd Symposium of Coking Technology focused on two anniversaries: 100 years of Coking Committee of the Steel Institute VDEh and 25 years of Association of German Coking Experts (VDKF). Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, President of the German Steel Federation and Chairman of the Steel Institute VDEh, pleaded for a new general understanding of cokemaking technology.

The paper by the specialists of Andritz Maerz GmbH describes technical solutions developed and put into practice at forging production facilities of Saarschmiede and Böhler Edelstahl. Usage of regenerative systems and flat-flame burners by Andritz Maerz GmbH is observed; the company has developed AM-Regtakt adjusting system that solves the problem of zonal and pair distribution of burners, depending on setting parameters in the framework of total control and managing systems.


The article in the section "Power engineering and ecology" observes the new German Energy Policy calling for extensive savings of energy within all parts of society and economy. Therefore, Energy Management Systems operating according to DIN EN ISO 50001 are used today in order to identify the possibilities for improvements and to reduce the energy consumption continuously.


The issue also includes papers in the sections "Steel as material", "Economics and finances", "Metallurgical history".


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ArticleName Steel industry of the world
Development of metallurgy in Russia and CIS
ArticleName Cooling of conticaster rolls
ArticleAuthor O. A. Timokhin

“METTEKh” LLC (Moscow, Russia):

Timokhin O. A., Cand. Eng., Technical Director, E-mail:

ArticleName Study of evolution of cast structure in plastic deformation of ferrite-pearlite steel
ArticleAuthors A. A. Kazakov, O. V. Pakhomova, E. I. Kazakova

Сhair “Metallurgical teсhnologies”, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Kazakov A. A., Head of the chair, Dr. Eng., Prof., E-mail:
Pakhomova O. V., Leading engineer
Kazakova E. I., Leading engineer

ArticleName Dendritic micro-heterogeneity of cast steel: review of the problems and their computer-aided analysis (Part 2)
ArticleAuthors V. M. Golod, K. I. Emelyanov, I. G. Orlova

Saint-Petersburg State PolytechnicaL University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia):

Golod V. M., Cand. Eng., Prof., Chair of Physics and Chemistry of Cast Alloys and Processes, E-mail:
Emelyanov K. I., Post-graduate Student
Orlova I. G., Post-graduate Student

ArticleName NLMK-Kaluga — the new metallurgical mini-mill
ArticleAuthor E. V. Tsirulnikov
Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Vacuum pump systems for secondary metallurgical processes
ArticleAuthors F. Dorstewitz, D. Tembergen

SMS Mevac GmbH (Essen, Germany):

Dorstewitz F., Dr. Eng., Head of Processing Equipment

Tembergen D., Mag. Eng., Head of Metallurgy, E-mail:

ArticleName Coking technology through the ages
ArticleAuthor M. Farrenkopf

German Mining Museum (Bochum, Germany):

Farrenkopf M., Dr. Phil., Director, E-mail:

Heating Furnaces
ArticleName Regenerative burner systems for periodical furnaces
ArticleAuthors E. Tschapowetz, H. Krammer, J. Geidies

Andritz Maerz GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Tschapowetz E., Eng., Head of BC direction, E-mail:
Krammer H., Mag. Eng., Sales Engineer
Geidies J., Sr. Engineer of EMSR Project

Power Engineering and Ecology
ArticleName Energy management systems improve the energy performance in the steel industry
ArticleAuthors H. Rosemann, B. Stranzinger, M. Baldermann, O. Heinemann

Institute of Industrial Research of the Union of german Metallurgists — VDEh (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Rosemann H., Mag. Eng., Head of Project, E-mail:
Stranzinger B., Mag. Eng., Head of Dept of Gas Equipment and Power Engineering


Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH (Duisburg, Germany):

Baldermann M., Mag. Eng., Head of Power Engineering

ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt ( Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany):

Heinemann O., Mag. Eng., Power Engineering Manager

Steel as material
ArticleName Building envelopes with stainless steel
ArticleAuthor H. Hachul

Dortmund Special High School (Dortmund, Germany):

Hachul H., Dr. Eng., Prof., Studying and Research Direction “Metal Architecture and Building”, E-mail:

Economics and finances
ArticleName Slight timeout in the hard market situation
ArticleAuthor H. J. Kerkhoff
ArticleName Steel production worldwide
Metallurgical history
ArticleName Transformation process of East German iron and steel industry
ArticleAuthor U. Stellmacher
ArticleName History of national metallurgy in faces (3rd quarter 2013)
ArticleAuthor E. Tsirulnikov
ArticleName 100th anniversary of S. Antonov
ArticleAuthors G. Babayants, Yu. Bragin, T. Antonova
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