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The first issue of the journal “Obogashchenie Rud” (2012), besides a new cover, will also attract attention of specialists by its publications. Here are some of them.


The article by G.N. Mashevsky, et al., considers a new approach to controlling the process of sulfide minerals selective flotation separation from pyrite in lime medium, the advantages of process control based on pulp рН controlled by means of molybdenum electrode are proved, comparison is drawn with respect to conventionally applied methods of рН-metry and conductometry.
The article by V.V. Zuev continues the series of the author's publications dedicated to application of the modified system of energy coefficients, developed by academician Fersman, to justification of the core-electron concept explaining structure and properties of minerals. The establishment of the fundamental regularity, consisting in that core-electron energy in minerals exceeds binding electron energy by an order of magnitude greater, permitted to appreciably simplify the formula of minerals core-electron interaction energy estimation.


The article by V.I. Kibirev, et al., considers the essentials of the project of deep thickening of tailings with thickened tailings hydraulic transport and disposal system, successfully introduced at the Nurkazgan Concentrator of “Karagandatsvetmet” Operation, “Kazakhmus Corporation” (Republic of Kazakhstan). It is shown, that application of high-throughput thickening equipment provided for decrease in disposed tailings slurry quantity by the factor of three and allowed to commission the concentrating plant ahead of schedule.


The article by Yu.S. Golovina, et al., is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Talnakh Concentrator operation, being a part of the “Norilsk Nickel” Mine-and-Mill Complex transpolar operations. The main milestones of the Talnakh Concentrator upgrade and technical re-equipment Project realization with the capacity increase to 16 million tons per year by total ores quantity are presented. New engineering and technical solutions, taken as a basis for the next Project design stage, started in 2011, with the view to provide for construction and commissioning of the rehabilitated Plant, are considered.


You may find below more details about the issue or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName The use of roasting in sideritized bauxites processing
ArticleAuthors Dubovikov O. A., Andreev Ye. Ye., Nikolaeva N. V.

Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia):

Dubovikov O. A., Associate Professor

Andreev Ye. Ye., Associate Professor,

Nikolaeva N. V., Assistant

ArticleName The Tastau deposit non-commercial sulfide ores' dressability study
ArticleAuthors Zhumashev K. Zh., Yun A. B., Tokbulatova T. Ye., Tokaeva Z. M., Karimova L. M.

Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after Zh. Abishev and «Innovatsiya» Ltd. (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Zhumashev K. Zh., Head of Laboratory


Kazakhmys (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Yun A. B., Chairman of Committee on Strategic Planning and Analysis of Manufacturing Activity

Tokbulatova T. Ye., Deputy Chairman of Committee on Strategic Planning and Analysis of Manufacturing Activity


Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after Zh. Abishev (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Tokaeva Z. M., Head of Laboratory

Karimova L. M., Leading Researcher,

ArticleName Upon hydrocyclones' throughput calculation
ArticleAuthor Klyachin V. V.

«FORES» Ltd. (Russia):

Klyachin V. V., Consultant, tel. +7 (343) 261-42-89, +7 (343) 347-60-39.

ArticleName A new approach to regulating the process of sulfide minerals selective flotation separation from pyrite in lime medium
ArticleAuthors Mashevsky G. N., Petrov A. V., Romanenko S. A., Sufyanov F. S., Balmanova A. Zh.

Outotec (St. Petersburg):

Mashevsky G. N., Chief Technologist-Consultant,

Petrov A. V., Head of Department,

Romanenko S. A., Leading Technologist,


Russkaya Mednaya Kompaniya (Russia):

Sufyanov F. S., Deputy General Director,


Aktyubinsk Copper Company TOO (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Balmanova A. Zh., Chief Technologist of the Concentrating Plant No. 2,

ArticleName Application of Fersman geoenergy additivity concept in atom kernels and binding electrons crystal chemistry of minerals
ArticleAuthor Zuev V. V.

«Mekhanobr Engineering» JSC (Russia):

Zuev V. V., Leading Researcher,

ArticleName The effect of KID-1500 inertia cone crusher parameters upon preset crushed stone size fraction yield
ArticleAuthors Babaev R. M., Kishchenko V. L.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Babaev R. M., Leading Designer,


Uralmash Machine-Building Corp. (Russia):

Kishchenko V. L., Project Manager

ArticleName The Mine-and-Mill Complex man-caused platinum-containing waste involvement into processing (review of methods)
ArticleAuthors Petrov G. V., Diakite M. L. L., Spynu A. Yu.

St. Petersburg State Mining University (Russia):

Petrov G. V., Professor,, tel. (921) 410-32-14

Diakite M. L. L., Postgraduate,, tel. (951) 662-36-84

Spynu A. Yu., Postgraduate,

ArticleName Heavy metals xanthates' flotation properties
ArticleAuthor Zakhvatkin V. V.

St. Petersburg State Mining University (Russia):

Zakhvatkin V. V., Associate Professor

ArticleName The Nurkazgan Concentrator thickened tailings disposal
ArticleAuthors Kibirev V. I., Vinogorodsky E. B., Li S. V.

JSC «Mekhanobr Engineering» (Russia):

Kibirev V. I., Deputy General Director for Design of Hydraulic Structures,

Vinogorodsky E. B., Design Manager,


Karagandatsvetmet PA, Kazakhmys PLC (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Li S. V., Tailing Dump Leading Engineer, Direction of Chief Specialist on Mineral Processing, Technical Department

ArticleName Development of approache to design of Tailings Disposal Facilities at the «Mekhanobr» Institute and ZAO «Mekhanobr Engineering»
ArticleAuthors Kibirev V. I., Sazonov G. T., Timofeev N. V.

«Mekhanobr Engineering» JSC (Russia):

Kibirev V. I., Deputy General Director for Design of Hydraulic Structures,

Sazonov G. T., Chairman of the Board of Directors, President,

Timofeev N. V., Нead of Department

ArticleName Moa-East Pit to Pedro Soto Alba Plant ore hydrotransport system parameters study
ArticleAuthors Avksentyev S. Yu., Vega Almager M., Nikolaev A. K., Smekhova N. S.

«Mekhanobr Engineering» JSC (Russia):

Avksentyev S. Yu., Leader of Group,

Smekhova N. S., Second Rank Engineer


Higher Mining-and-Metallurgical Institute (Cuba):

Vega Almager M., Professor;


St. Petersburg State Mining University:

Nikolaev A. K., Professor

ArticleName The Talnakh Concentrator upgrade project realization stages
ArticleAuthors Golovina Yu. S., Smirnov G. N., Smirnov A. N.

«Mekhanobr Engineering» JSC (Russia):

Golovina Yu. S.,  First Rank Engineer

Smirnov G. N., Project Director

Smirnov A. N., First Deputy Genaral Director,

ArticleName Metso has held a meeting for the Russian manufacturers of rubble
ArticleName BedRock Software Announces: AggFlow Version 276 Release
ArticleName +I. N. Beloglazov
ArticleName +V. N. Yatsenko
ArticleName Rules of submission of articles for publication in the «Obogashchenie Rud» journal
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