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The section "Ore preparation", which traditionally opens the number, turned out to be the most representative. The results of research on the selection of technology and equipment for crushing and classification of glassapatite (phosphate glass), brittle material used in agrotechnics as a fertilizer for prolonged action, as well as in a number of new medical technologies (the article by V. V. Gladkova et al.) are interesting. Analysis of the possibility of transition from three-stage to two-stage grinding at the concentrating mill of Kachkanarskiy GOK is also worthy of attention. The scheme with verifying classification and control screening in the second stage is recognized as the most promising among the two-stage schemes (the article by A. E. Pelevin and N. A. Sytykh).

The section "Beneficiation Technology" provides a detailed overview of technological studies of the low-sulfide ores of the gold deposit in Chukotka, conducted by institutes VNII-1, Irgiredmet, TsNIGRI, TOMS. Based on these studies, a scheme for ore deposit beneficiation is proposed, which provides for the gradual extraction of gold by gravitational methods with the direction of the concentrate obtained in the hydrometallurgical processing (the article by P. K. Fedotov et al.).

Environmental protection topics are presented by research into the ways to clean the drainage waters of the tailing dumps of JSC "Apatit" from molybdenum. As a sorbent, it has been proposed to use steel shavings activated by treatment with de-ionized water in the open air. The proposed technological solution allows to ensure the purification of waste water from molybdenum by 92-96 % (the article by V. A. Matveeva et al.). In order to reduce capital and operating costs for the storage of tailings of beneficiation and recycled water supply, studies have been carried out on tailings processing with Rheomax ETD rheology modifiers. It is found that the use of these modifiers contributes to the formation of a condensed precipitate of a strong homogeneous structure that is practically unaffected by spreading and has high water loss. This technology is applicable for the effective thickening of tailings of flotation and their subsequent laying in the tailing pond, as well as for the treatment of mine waters of underground mines with a high content of sludge particles (the article by I. V. Shadrunova et al.).

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Название Disintegration process modeling for a jaw crusher with complex jaws swing
Авторы Beloglazov I. I., Stepanyan A. S., Feoktistov A. Yu., Yusupov G. A.
Информация об авторах

St. Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Beloglazov I. I., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, beloglazov@spmi.ru

Yusupov G. A., Postgraduate Student.


REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Stepanyan A. S., Technical Director, stepanyan_as@npk-mt.spb.ru


CADFEM CIS JSC (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Feoktistov A. Yu., Director of Rocky Business Development, Andrey.Feoktistov@cadfem-cis.ru

Название Vibratory treatment of a particularly brittle mineral material
Авторы Gladkova V. V., Kazakov S. V., Karapetyan K. G., Otroshchenko A. A.
Информация об авторах

REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Gladkova V. V., Senior Engineer, gladkova_vv@npk-mt.spb.ru
Kazakov S. V., Leading Designer, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, kazakov_sv@npk-mt.spb.ru


Saint Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Karapetyan K. G., Associate Professor, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, karapetian@spmi.ru


Perm State University (Perm, Russia):
Otroshchenko A. A., Head of Laboratory, alfa.distress@gmail.com

Название Titanomagnetite ore two-stage grinding circuit tests
Авторы Pelevin A. E., Sytykh N. A.
Информация об авторах

Ural State Mining University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Pelevin A. E., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, a-pelevin@yandex.ru


EVRAZ KGOK (Kachkanar, Sverdlovsk region, Russia):
Sytykh N. A., Head of Production Control Department

Название Research of skarn deposit copper ore flotation technology
Авторы Karnaukhov S. N., Plyasovitsa S. S., Ivanova N. V.
Информация об авторах

Gipronickel Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Karnaukhov S. N., Head of Sector, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, karn49@mail.ru
Plyasovitsa S. S., Senior Researcher, Plyasovitsass@nornik.ru
Ivanova N. V., Engineer of the 1st Category, IvanovaNatV@nornik.ru

Название Analysis of industrial studies of gold ores of a Chukotka deposit
Авторы Fedotov P. K., Senchenko A. E., Fedotov K. V., Burdonov A. E.
Информация об авторах

Irkutsk National Research Technical University (Irkutsk, Russia):

Fedotov P. K., Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, fedotov@istu.edu
Fedotov K. V., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, fedotov@istu.edu
Burdonov A. E., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, slimbul@inbox.ru

TOMS Institute LLC «Technologies of mineral separation» (Irkutsk, Russia):

Senchenko A. E., CEO, senchenko@tomsgroup.ru

Название Specific features of the concentration process for fine-grained materials in a short-cone hydrocyclone
Авторы Vasilyev A. M., Kuskov V. B.
Информация об авторах

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Vasilyev A. M., Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Saint Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Kuskov V. B., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, opikvb@mail.ru

Название Modernization of algorithms for flare detection of froth layer parameters during flotation of potash ores
Авторы Zatonskiy A. V., Malysheva A. V.
Информация об авторах

Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Berezniki Branch (Berezniki, Russia):

Zatonskiy A. V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, zxenon2000@yandex.ru
Malysheva A. V., Postgraduate Student, akchim@mail.ru

Название Molybdenum removal from drainage waters of tailing dumps of Apatit JSC
Авторы Matveeva V. A., Petrova T. A., Chukaeva M. A.
Информация об авторах

St. Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Matveeva V. A., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Petrova T. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, petrova9@yandex.ru
Chukaeva M. A., Postgraduate Student, chukaeva.mariia@gmail.com

Название Concentration tailings storage using rheology modifiers
Авторы Shadrunova I. V., Gorlova O. E., Galyamov V. Sh., Frolov V. S.
Информация об авторах

Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia):

Shadrunova I. V., Head of Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, shadrunova_@mail.ru


Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):
Gorlova O. E., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, gorlova_o_e@mail.ru


UralKhimServis Ltd. (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
Galyamov V. Sh., Process Engineer, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, victorgalyamov@yandex.ru


BASF (Moscow, Russia):
Frolov V. S., Sales and Technical Representative

Название Analysis of aggregation and sedimentation stability of process slurries
Автор Bauman A. V.
Информация об авторе

Gormashexport Ltd (Novosibirsk, Russia):

Bauman A. V., Deputy Director for Research, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, aleksei_bauman@mail.ru

Название 80th birthday of Vyacheslav A. Tsukerman
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