2017 China (Shanghai) Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Industry Exhibition



Floorage: 250,000 sq.m

Visitors: 200000


— The Original team of Julang Exhibition enter Shanghai

— Relying on the exclusive national platform for international and professional display of auto products in China

Governed By 

Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Department of Foreign Trade 

Sponsor By 

Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd.  China General Technology (GROUP)

Organizer By 

Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd. 


The organizers of the strength of the sharing of resources to build East China’s No. 1 metal display platform.


Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd has 18 years of deep metal industry background, so that you can quickly and accurately find the target client possible.


win-win co–operation, to create a complete metal and metallurgy industry chain.


Organizers strong combination, but in the independent recruitment of investment, highlighting their own professional characteristics at the same time, sharing China International Auto Products Expo by China General Technology (GROUP) more than ten years of brand influence, more than 2,000 auto parts(Engine systems, chassis systems, brake systems, steering systems, body systems, drive systems, exhaust systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, automotive accessories, common parts, fasteners, seals, friction materials, Automotive, spring, shock absorber, bumper, airbag, seat, wiper, transmission, clutch, brake pads, car springs, shock absorbers, bumper, airbags, Glass, car mirror, lights, etc.) As well as new energy vehicles, automobile manufacturing equipment, vehicle maintenance testing equipment, car modification, car wheels, automotive supplies, automotive electronics, automotive clean energy and equipment, motorcycles and electric vehicles exhibitors resources.


Hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign members of the buyer resources and senior professional exhibition operations team, international and professional exhibition promotion, the buyer organization and field service. Through the exhibition, you will be able to achieve a truly global product promotion.


More than 50 countries in the world Ministry of Commerce official website attention and in more than 300 professional media release information


We sincerely hope that you bring the elite team, the atmosphere of bright image and high-tech products to show, because we are ready for you.


Schedule and Venue

Show time: 21-23Sept, 2017

Move-in: 19-20Sept, 2017 Move-out: 3pm, 23Sept, 2017

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center(shanghai)

(No.1888, Zhu Guang Road, Shanghai, China)


Exhibiting Scope

1. Automotive Steel Sheet, Metal Sheet, Bar, Wire, Metal Processing and Setting Equipment

2. Automotive steel Tube &Pipe Industry

3. Stainless Steel Industry

4. Casting Products

5. Die casting,Foundry, Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnace

6. Sheetmetal, Forging, Stamping & Setting Equipment

7. Copper

8. Spring industry, Fasteners

9. Bearing Products and Equipment



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